Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looking to Make Extra Cash?

If your looking to make extra cash? Your not alone

We all want to make an extra few bucks and pay the on-going bills in life.

You've got to ask yourself a few questions.

What do you enjoy talking about and the number one selling is information.

In the next few days, I'll outline questions you can ask yourself and go from there.

Daily Money Saving Tip - 1

Partner with Family or next door neighbor and have a yard sale / Garage Sale. Good idea to spring clean your house and pocket extra cash.

Handy Online *Tip*

If your looking at making money online? there are a few tips to think of, before you get STARTED!

  • Do your research - no point spending $100 on a product that will tell you on how to make money from a site that is popular already and making money from people like yourself.
  • Find out a bit of information behind the website your going to buy from or sign up to.
  • Remember websites make money from people that sign-up for their Newsletters.
  • Is it really worth inviting your friends to join sites like that? Your give the website money, starting a network of people. From one little setting on their site, they've made a bit from it already.



P.S - Just be careful online and best of all - It's Experience!

First Blog For Money - Cash and Loan Blog

Welcome Everyone :)

I've made this blog for people in search of extra information on how to make Extra Cash and to find out what is behind making money. It sounds GREAT, but is it all True?

People online these days make you believe you can make millions in a month? Yes its true - If you great a Big Internet company online and make 100's of sales a day.

But we are talking about 1 - 2 people starting out to make extra cash for their home loan, credit card or these silly interest rates.

I hope you come back and check out my recent posts.

All the best


P.S - Don't forget to think positive and have fun.