Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How long do you wait for payment? Pureprofile?

How long have you been waiting for a payment from an Online Company?

I've waited up to 3 months and found out - due to fees and conditions (I guess that information was down the bottom right hand corner - font 3), here is 10% of your earnings.

I've been a member of a website for about 3 years and at the start I found their services to suck (due to getting online and starting out like any other company out there)


You get paid for surveys and also give you a heads up on what’s coming out on the market. I have found pureprofile one of the only trusted survey/online click website that works and pays well.

Oh yea, you get paid for referrals - $1 buck per friend that joins. So I've added my referral into the link above, if you like the site, Share it around with Friends.



Thursday, September 04, 2008

Working At Home - Home based Business

When you hear the term "Working At Home"?

What does it mean to you?

  • Stay home mother?
  • Online Business? E-Commerce
  • Home Based Business (Non-Internet Related)?

To a lot of people, It means a Online Business, Ebay Store, Drop Shipping or Marketing your own website or affiliate site.

Which business would suit you? or your lifestyle or life?

Please stay turned for postings on the terms of home based business online.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Mystery Shopper

So you want to get paid to shop? Great. You can, right here in your own backyard.
Right now, there are mystery shoppers just like me, all over the World auditing the
level of service that companies aim to provide. We are testing their mottos and
putting their mission statements to trial. There is always a need for mystery
shoppers because people are needed in all different parts of the country and from
different walks of life. After all, the customer is never the same; and every
customer is right.

This Website tells you what a mystery shopper is, what is expected of you and how
to register to become one. Once you qualify and register, you become part of the
group, quite possibly for life. This means that you will get paid to shop, and more
often then not get reimbursed for the expense of your shopping trip. This could
included getting your meal paid, having servicing to your car, movie tickets, test
driving a Mercedes, visiting a nice restaurant or having work done to your house.
All you need to do is tell someone whether or not they did a good job. Your
opinion pays.

Australian Mystery Shopper Website

American Mystery Shopper Website

UK Mystery Shopper Website

I Avoid Paying $49.00

I guess the Title got your attention? Yes - Be Honest :)

I started off looking around different websites and seeing what was on offer and getting an understanding:

  • What the site was selling?
  • How do they make money or credit?
  • Why are they charging a Fee for the information?
  • Is the information True or False?
  • Do you follow up on the product that you paid for?
  • Sounds too good to be true?

Am I right for this environment

It’s worth researching anything from the start and build the information inside your brain and at least you know where you stand.

**Daily Saving Tip** - 2

Avoid Late Fees

Pay your bills on time, everytime you pay a late bill - You would be charge a % or set fee