Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How long do you wait for payment? Pureprofile?

How long have you been waiting for a payment from an Online Company?

I've waited up to 3 months and found out - due to fees and conditions (I guess that information was down the bottom right hand corner - font 3), here is 10% of your earnings.

I've been a member of a website for about 3 years and at the start I found their services to suck (due to getting online and starting out like any other company out there)


You get paid for surveys and also give you a heads up on what’s coming out on the market. I have found pureprofile one of the only trusted survey/online click website that works and pays well.

Oh yea, you get paid for referrals - $1 buck per friend that joins. So I've added my referral into the link above, if you like the site, Share it around with Friends.



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